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Selling jewelry is a great way to make extra money fast when you need it. We are a reputable, established company offering cash for gold and other precious metals. We are gold buyers, diamond buyers and platinum buyers. We buy gold/silver jewelry, gold scrap, coins, estate jewelry, dental gold.

If you live in Ottawa you have the option to sell diamonds, sell gold or sell platinum to us at our Bells Corners Ottawa location. Make an appointment with us for a fast and easy transaction. You can have instant payment for your scrap gold, gold coins, diamonds or other precious metals. Do not send away your precious items in the mail or get a low offer from a pawn shop. We have certified gemologists to evaluate your items and offer you top dollar for your unwanted jewellery. Give us a call and see the Capital Wholesale Diamonds Difference!

What We Buy:

Any 24k, 22k, 18k, 14k, 12k, 10k Gold
  Platinum Jewelry or Scrap Platinum
  Gold Cufflinks
  Gold or Platinum Chains
  Gold or Platinum Necklaces and Bracelets
  Gold Engagement or Wedding Bands
  Gold Class Rings, Gold Cluster Rings, Gold Cocktail Rings
  Gold Coins
  Gold Medals
  Gold and Platinum Brooches and Pins
  Scrap Dental Gold
  Other Scrap Gold
  Gold and Platinum Lockets and Charms
  Matched or Mismatched Gold Earrings
  Damaged Jewelry such as Kinked Gold Chains or Gold Pieces with Stones Missing

silver coins, silver flatware, silver jewelry, silver bullion and more.

We buy these DIAMONDS:
  Round Diamonds
  Pear Diamonds
  Marquis Diamonds
  Emerald Cut Diamonds
  Princess Cut Diamonds
  Asher Cut Diamonds
  Heart Shape Diamonds
  Canary Diamonds
  European Cut Diamonds
  GIA Diamonds
  EGL Diamonds
_Gem Scan Diamonds
  Oval Diamonds

(If it's a Real and Authentic Diamond, we will buy it from you)

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Items we do NOT buy:

GP:Gold Plated
1/10th 10Kt, 1/20th 12Kt:Items only contain 1/10th of their weight as 10kt or 1/20th of their weight as 12kt
GF:Gold Filled (items with a thicker gold plate)
GE:Gold Electroplated
RGP:Rolled Gold Plate
EPNS:Electroplated Nickel Silver
HGE:Heavy Gold Plate
GS:Gold Shell

"I always bring my gold and diamonds to Capital. They deal with me in person, offer me fair prices and are very knowledgeable. I recommend selling all your unwanted jewellery to them."
Audrey Green-Miller, Ottawa
Since we are Diamond Specialists we offer fair market value for your diamond jewellery. Unlike pawn shops, gold buyers or mail away purchasers, we deal with you in person, explain exactly the types of items you have, how you can maximize the most for your money and make you an offer. The rest is up to you! Whether you sell your unwanted jewellery to us or not, you will walk away having understood more about your items true worth and an insight into how the jewellery industry works.

Call now and speak to a gold and diamond professional. We can come to you or you can visit our office. Top dollar for your unwanted jewellery is just a phone call away! 1-888-226-0886
Cash on the Spot
Top dollar paid for jewellery, luxury watches, diamonds, precious metals..... Gold is at an all time high, cash in on the record prices!!